Ecohabitat’s team is passionate about designing high energy performance houses, easy to build, affordable to maintain, beautiful and catering for a comfortable living.

Living in a passive house means living in an comfortable and healthy interior environment, with a fixed interior temperature all year round. Our houses are build using simple, durable materials and utilize both the sun and the wind for our benefit. Results comprise of huge savings in energy consumption and maintenance expenses. Our vision is to create a house ideal for you and your lifestyle.

Architectural Design

Our studio will embrace your wishes and desires and attend to the entire project, from the conception of the idea until the construction of your new home. 

Designing your house is an exclusively collaborative process. We shall offer our sincere views and creative ideas to you. The final result will help you realize that this is the house for you. Our process undergoes the following stages:

Stage 1: Conception of the idea

Conception of the central design idea, based on your needs and aesthetics, the requirements posed by the location, the budget, the functionality and energy performance of the building.

Schematic drawings will help you explore a selection of choices for the layout of the rooms and they way they are related to one another and to the external environment.

Stage 2: Development of the design proposal

The selected architectural proposal shall be illustrated in a series of 2D drawings and 3D models, in order for you to obtain an informed view of the function, structure and form of the house, as well as of the budgeted expense for the realization of your project. As soon as the specifications for the house and the development cost are agreed upon, we may conclude a works contract.

Energy modeling is performed using the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) which from the very beginning of the process designates the energy performance of both the building as a whole, as well as of its individual constituent elements, thus ensuring the optimal incorporation of all energy efficiency strategies.

Stage 3: Detailed design and issue of building permit

We finalize the architectural plans, incorporating in them information relation to the special detailed designs. We present a definitive and detailed overview of the construction of the project with respect to materials, techniques, costs involved and construction time. We will present our proposed solutions with respect to their technical and design information in the form of drawings, tables, technical specifications etc. We will take care and attend to the procurement of all documents required by the competent supervising authority for the issue of the building permit.

Stage 4: Building

We offer construction supervision services for the entire duration of works, in order to make sure that the survey is properly implemented and ensure the quality of the passive house, its structural adequacy, the quality of the materials and more.

Renovation with energy upgrading and interior decoration

We believe in our responsibility to design spaces that will support, assist and inspire the people that use them. Why don’t you create an environment that will inspire you?

The renovation of your home regards both the attainment of ideal temperature, humidity, interior air quality and natural lighting conditions, as well as the feel of the door handle when your palm touches it, putting up a picture frame on a wall or sunlight’s subtle game on a wall. Our goal is to create interiors that are functional, elegant, energy efficient and stirring up a sense of calm and comfort.

Together we shall assess and evaluate the present state of your space and discuss the changes, interventions and additions required so as to convert it into a cozy, pleasant environment with low energy consumption. An existing building can be energy upgraded by adopting and utilizing suitable energy efficiency practices, in compliance with EnerPHit standards, and to thus be converted into a low energy consumption space.

We offer a full and comprehensive design proposal and we will be by your side every step of the design and executive phases. The selection of the building materials and frames as well as the procurement of furniture and light fixtures will be a collaborative effort so that your new home may cater for your every need and satisfy you completely.

Our design proposal will be presented using two-dimensional drawings, three-dimensional illustrations and a table referencing the recommended products, materials, colours, textiles and furnitures in detail. After these designed solutions have been approved, we move on to the next stage, the realization of the project. The supervision of all works falls our duties and competences, ensuring the proper execution of our design proposal and of the works.

Issue of Energy Performance Certificates

The Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) shows the energy rating of the building, pursuant to the estimated consumption of primary energy. EPCs classify each building to an energy category or band (nine step scale, from A+ down to H), based on the estimated total annual primary energy consumption (kWh/m2) for the reference building and the building under assessment; the annual energy consumption (kWh/m2) per energy source (electricity, fuel, natural gas, renewable sources, etc.) and end use (heating, cooling, lighting, ventilation, etc.); the real annual overall energy use and the estimated and real annual carbon dioxide emissions (kg CO2/m2).

The issue of an Energy Efficiency Certificate (EEC) is mandatory for all new or deeply renovated buildings, as well as for existing buildings in case of the sale or leasing of spaces more than 50 square meters in area.

Ecohabitat can undertake to issue Energy Performance Certificates and offers smart and affordable solutions for your property to save on energy.

The energy inspection of your property includes the entire procedure for the collection of information, the performance of specialized on-site checks and measurements, the digital issue of the protocol number for the energy inspection and the calculation of the energy performance of the building based on the TEE-KENAK software.

Upon the issue of the energy performance certificate for the building, we shall propose solutions for the improvement of its performance, aiming to identify energy saving potentials and, by extension, to decrease its operating expenses. Our competences include the determination of the costs involved for the realization of the required interventions and the possibility of their inclusion in a Operational Programme.

The overall cost for your project will depend on the volume of work involved and the time expended in order to complete it.