Renovation of a graphic office in Thessaloniki, Greece

Lineadesign, a visual communication studio that ‘s based in Thessaloniki since 1989, has moved their office to a bigger apartment aiming to upgrade their working space and create a minimal and relaxed environment where work will be efficient. Our challenge was to renovate and transform the space to create a new vibrant office in a strict budget.

When we was first approached to design the office, the team had a few vague ideas floating around—for instance, they wanted a kind of apartment-meets- a homely feeling and offer a sense of calm and pleasantness. To achieve  this we used a minimal, simple but functional design approach while maintaining the existing layout with the open kitchen adjoining the dining room.

Entering the office from a rather dark staircase through a heavy door you face an open and airy office space on the sixth floor of an old downtown building. The open kitchen was converted into a welcome area and the dining room into a meeting room for employees and clients. A wall was removed to allow Sun light into the front counter area, brightening it up with natural light. A simple bar arrangement (bar counter) works both as an info desk and as an open coffee bar, enabling both clients and staff to calm and socialize. The usage of blue paint in the  main wall along with the application of the clear lines create a pure, clean and fresh environment.

The proximity of the welcome area to the luminescent meeting room create a modern and flexible space distribution. This design helps to facilitate face-to-face communication and professional knowledge exchange among the staff and clients. Τhe remaining spaces have been turned into comfortable and relaxed workplaces. The usage of birch wood custom made furniture with metal details and light color painted walls in the work-spaces create a cozy, peaceful and elegant environment.