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Are you planning to design and construct your new home? We are here to introduce you  to Ecohabitat concept. The Ecohabitat home design concept is an exemplary ecological and economical home, based on the principles of the Passive Building. The Key Benefits of the Ecohabitat home are:

  • naturally warm, healthy and comfortable
  • are unique, each design is created to suit our clients individual needs and style
  • high energy efficiency
  • environmental friendly
  • economical to maintain
  • A family home in the suburbs of Volos

    An one-level bungalow (280 sq.m.) with a spacious great main room and a straightforward functional layout – all under a classic gable roof with a modern feel is αn ideal four-season family…

  • Renovation of a graphic office in Thessaloniki, Greece

    Lineadesign, a visual communication studio that ‘s based in Thessaloniki since 1989, has moved their office to a bigger apartment aiming to upgrade their working space and create a minimal and…